SLCS works with government clients in management, administrative services, consulting, auditing, strategic planning and other disciplines to achieve high-impact, sustainable results.
We help clients address regulatory and governance issues, outline the value propositions for key stakeholders, develop strong and flexible business plans, create operating models, and outlining plans for implementation.


SLCS focuses on operational efficiency and integrated solutions designed to enhance the performance of business operations. By incorporating vast years of experience into business processes and management strategies, SLCS has provided strategic and efficient solutions that have helped corporations reduce costs, improve organizational effectiveness, streamline processes, implement innovative technology and increase profits. Industries where SLCS has provided strategic solutions includes; manufacturing, financial services , technology, consulting firms, trucking, healthcare, and higher education.


SLCS provide unparalleled expertise, knowledge and problem solving skills and solutions to help nonprofits solve operational, facility, human resources, policies and procedures, technology and administrative issues.



"SL Consulting Solutions provided my company with expertise and skills that was able to save our company over 60% in operational expenses to our bottom line within our first quarter. They were able to provide solutions to our day-to-day operational issues that we did not know that we had which helped us increase our profits." 
S. Reynolds
President/CEO. (Nonprofit Organization)
“SL Consulting Solutions provided our company with exceptional Salesforce Service and Sales Cloud, Field Service Lightening, Conga Reporting and Einstein Analytics Project Management solutions. SLCS stepped in and project managed one of our client’s integration conversion of their antiquated technology system and the entire project came off without a glitch, on time and within budget. SLCS has the work ethic to get the job done. I highly recommend SL Consulting Solutions for your project management, technology implementation, process improvement and/or organizational change management needs.”
E Myrback
CEO (Technology Firm)
"In addition to providing strategic visions, new innovative technologies, and perfect planning, SL Consulting Solutions helped our financial institution reduce cost by improving organizational effectiveness with the implementation of Organizational Change Management. It helped us to bring all the right people and pieces together in ways that maximize benefits, increase profits, and deliver ongoing success. It was the key to making sure the desired outcomes stick with strong adoption and true conversion."
T Holden
COO (Financial Industry)
"The SL Consulting Solutions team was knowledgeable and fundamental to our successful SalesForce implementation and migration project. They provided automated communications to achieve sustainability, efficiencies and real time data updates across integrated systems to support our rapid growth."
C. Hill
ED (Manufacturing Industry)